The installation is centred around an open score modelled after an enneagram – a world ordering system first introduced by the Armenian-Greek mystic and philosopher (some also call him a trickster) G. I. Gurdjieff. Written for four hands and a grand piano Seven Common Ways of Disappearing is open in duration, with the performers invited to follow a set of simple musical rules creating the hypnotic sonic effect.

In the installation, a hand-made vinyl record of the score is being played continuously throughout the day, while the room acts as a gathering and communal space of the Pavilion. The enneagram score is frescoed on the adjacent wall overlooking the canal.

The vinyl is also available as a limited artist edition (27 + 3 AP). The signed and numbered artwork contains a lathe-cut handmade LP and the two publications of the Pavilion.

Adnrius Arutiunian, Seven Common Ways of Disappearing
handmade vinyl, record player, stereo speakers, enneagram, 2022