In his essay Resonance of Sense, the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy proposed that “Resonance is an oscillation of the world to myself and of myself to the world via which the two take place.” Starting with this proposal, in the You Do Not Remember Yourself Arutiunian builds a new, fully-functioning brass instrument. Made out of a thin brass sheet, the instrument is flexible in its shapes and forms – not remembering itselfand was curved specifically for this installation. The idea of tension and natural resonance of the material itself is explored here by using a set of surface transducers attached to the body of the instrument. As they vibrate the instrument, resonant sounds emerge through the surface of the brass, all generated by electronically manipulated voice recordings.

Co-produced by CTM Festival Berlin, Deutschlandfunk Kultur, and Centrala Space Birmingham.

Andrius Arutiunian, You Do Not Remember Yourself
Brass, 1x6m, surface transducers, sound, 2022